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about me

alan comeaux

Passionate About Inspiring and helping Others.

Dear Readers,

I wish I had a helping hand. I wish I knew how to avoid pride.  I wish I was never homeless its a very scary feeling being hopeless . I see families effected by homelsness and my heart goes out to them. Especially the children .  My goal is to help families and individuals that want help and need it with a certain formal critera.  The must go though a unique screening program so that funds don't enable them but push them forward to succeed.  With book sales I can do more than just myself . I am hopeful that God will take this to the next level so we can help as many families as possible. I give him all the Glory.  


“Your Cross” can be a true blessing in becoming closer to God. The cross killed our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He was crucified and buried for our sins. The use of the word “cross” is a metaphor for sin in my book. I petition you to write down your crosses in life with God. Study his Word daily and meditate on his glory and listen to his words and his direction. Welcome God into your life and you will have an abundant, blessed life with love, compassion, and the true understanding of “the puzzle of God.” The “one word” God said to me changed my life forever. 


Please read my story about “my crosses” and what God did for me.



—Alan Comeaux

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